Thursday, 14 June 2012

More information on the level system....

More information on level system...

Here is some more information on the new level system for those who are still a bit confused about it.

You get starcoins/stardollars when you level up.
When you level up if you are superstar or royalty you will receive 3 stardollars.
If you are non superstar you recieve 3 starcoins.
Starpoint hairs are still available and now able to try on.
All the starpoints hairstyles are still available except now all the starpoint hairs are in the regular hair section in beauty parlor and you can try on the ones you will get in the future even if you don't have the required level yet. If you don't have the required level to get the hair you can still try it on but you can't save your medoll.
You can now see your future starpoint rewards in suite shop.
You can't buy them if you don't have the required level but they are now visible and you can drag them into your suite to look at.I will write another post about the rewards shortly.
It takes longer to level up when you are at a higher level.
A lot of people who play other such games with a level system will already know this but for those who don't here is a quick explanation. Say for example you are at level 20. It will take you a shorter amount of time to reach level 21 than if you were level 60 and trying to reach level 61. I have a spare account on level 41 and overall it would take me 155 starpoints to reach level 42 however on my own account I'm at level 66 and it takes a total of 267 points to reach level 67. So in a nutshell, the higher the level you are the longer it will take you to level up.
Remember... you're not loosing anything.
At first it seems like the levels are annoying because after all your work gathering up thousands of starpoints it feel like they have all been taken away but in reality you're not loosing any of them. For me going from about 8000 and something sp to level 66 seems like a huge drop but it's actually the same thing it's just now calculated differently. In fact there are a few starpoint rewards people weren't due to get yet but they got them so it looks like it may be easier to get rewards than before. Soon enough we will get used to it it will just take some adjusting.
If you want to read more about the new level system click HERE to be directed to the stardoll help section where there is lots of information on it.
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